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RFD: comp.lang.dylan




	For discussion of the Dylan language. The newsgroup would be
	gatewayed with the mailing list info-dylan@cambridge.apple.com.

Dylan(TM) is a new object-oriented language, described in a book
published by Apple Computer in April 1992.  Many people have expressed
interest in the language since then, and prototype implementations are
now appearing.

In September, Apple created four public mailing lists for discussions 
of Dylan; the one called info-dylan is used for discussing any and 
all aspects of the language.  In just over a month, the volume of 
mail on info-dylan has reached the point where a newsgroup would 
be more useful than a mailing list; indeed, some subscribers have 
already removed their names from the list because of the high volume.  
Apple will maintain a gateway with the mailing list so that current 
subcribers to info-dylan who lack newsgroup access will still be 
able to participate in the discussions. 

Comments about this proposal should be sent to news.groups.

The discussion period will end December 4, 1992.  If there is a consensus at 
that time, a Call For Votes will be posted.

[[ This is the first time this proposal has been "officially" brought up.
    We're sorry for any confusion a prior call for votes may have
    caused some people.  Jim did not realise his posting had not
    really gone to news.announce.newgroups because the group was
    not marked moderated at his site.  -- tale ]]