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Re: old hardcopy.lisp

"Douglas E. Roesch" <dr3f+@andrew.cmu.edu> writes:
  Back in 1.3.2 there was an example file called "hardcopy.lisp" that did
  some nice one-page, one-shot printing of windows.  I've tried converting
  it to 2.0, without success (so far).  Does anyone have routines like
  these written for 2.0 that they'd be willing to share?

The contrib library at cambridge.apple.com contains a version of
my printing utilities for MCL2.0:

You'll need to use binhex to decode the file.

The printing utilities contain:
1.  a window-hardcopy method for non-fred windows that calls print-contents
    to print the subviews. Print-contents methods are defined for several
    types of views.
2.  a picture-hardcopy routine that produces a hardcopy of a picture
    (record type :picture), using the picture frame.
3.  a general hardcopy routine for customizing hardcopy.
In addition, the printing utility allows you to print each window using
a different page setup and to save and restore the page setup details for