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Re: I Want my own framework...

A small group of us have been debating a (lean and mean) MCL application
framework for the last few months.  Although discussions are a bit quiescent at
present (partly because I am still working out how to have an efficient and
easy AppleLink and Internet group mail system for us), there are still plenty
of us who have gone at least some of the way down that road.
My first suggestion is why do you not 'join' us (once I can get my own Internet
mail system going, or someone comes to my rescue with a better alternative!)?
My second suggestion is that you should go ahead and try your ideas out.  One
of my main criticisms of other people's ideas for such a framework remains that
it is relatively easy to come up with ideas, but they need tempering with
reality.  In your case, I would suggest that you do *not* try replacing or
duplicating MCL's own event handling code.  Rather, learn how to make best use
of it.  Studying the MCL event handling source etc. from the MCL CD is a
wonderful insight, and should show you some really neat ways to get where you
are heading without trashing all the good stuff in MCL.
My third suggestion is that you should look at a good application framework
like MacApp or TCL, which illustrate (within their accepted limitations) the
sort of thing which can be achieved, and some techniques for doing so.
However, remember what I have said above and work with, rather than against,
the existing features of MCL.
My final suggestion is to head for full factoring (FF) of events/commands into
AppleEvents.  MCL is one of the neatest environments for working with
AppleEvents in a clean and sensible way, but unless you start off FF, it is a
lot of work to go FF later.  And if you do not FF, then all sorts of doors
close on you.
Enjoy it!