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GA posting to archive

I have posted the following to /pub/MCL2/contrib on cambridge.apple.com:
being Bill Spears' genetic algorithm (GA) suite ported to MCL 2.0 by myself.
If you have wanted to try out GAs in Common Lisp, this is an excellent start
for you.  Documentation is fairly minimal - but sufficient for anyone who
understands the concepts etc. - but the code is clear and adaptable for most
variants of the basic GA.  I should emphasise that all the work on this was
done by Bill Spears, of NRL, and all I have done is a little porting to MCL
2.0.  Any improvements and adaptations should be sent to Bill Spears himself,
although queries on the MCL port should come to me, please.
I anticipate improving and enhancing this code over the coming months, and will
post updates in the Cambridge archive in due course.
Howard Oakley, EHN & DIJ Oakley,    * Howard@quercus.demon.co.uk
EHN & DIJ Oakley, Brooklands Lodge, * AppleLink UK0392
Park View Close, Wroxall, Ventnor,  * CompuServe 70734,120
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