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Re: Questions about MCl and System 7

>I recently upgraded my Mac IIcx to System 7.1.  I also put 20M RAM on my
>machine (I've loaded mode32 to address the extra memory) and gave MCL 14M
>to address (via the info box).
>Are there any known problems out there?  With 7.1?  With 32 bit addressing?
>With a cx/mode 32?  Any combination of the above?
   Mode32 is incompatible with something new.  My memory says that it's
System 7.1, rather than the October 19th Macs.  Apple will soon release an
"enabler" which will do the job Mode32 has been doing.
   You might want to fall back to 7.0.1 until then.  --John

John W. Baxter   jwbaxter@halcyon.com   [BAXTER.JOHN on AppleLink, from
AppleLink only.]