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Re: bug using array dialog items

Actually, it's not just *white-color*.

If you use, say, *blue-color*, you will note that the selected-cell ends up
being drawn in blue on [de]activate event.
Thus, you're disappearing cells are really just being drawn in

Also, since view-[de]activate-event-handler do a simple inversion [ack],
and *white-color* isn't really white, you are probably seeing a color
indistinguishable (to us humans) from white, that isn't quite white, being
inverted to a color that is very close to black, but probably isn't quite
Now I'm not sure exactly how the inversion gets off-sync, but it sure looks
like [de]activate-event is not up to snuff for drawing frames.

[ack]:  *NO* method should do any direct drawing except view-draw-contents!
"TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@ils.nwu.edu