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Re: fred and wrapping

At  9:33 11/25/92 -0500, Guillaume Cartier wrote:
>| How do I get Fred windows generated by using the 'open' menu item to wrap?
>| I can figure out how to do it if I create a new Fred window using the :wrap-p 
>| argument, but I can't figure out how to toggle wrap for Fred windows opened
>| with the menu command. It would be nice if there were a global variable that I
>| could access. Is there one?
>|            Thanks,
>|                Michael Young
>One very easy way to do it is the following:
>(defclass wrapping-fred-window (fred-window)
>    ()
>  (:default-initargs
>    :wrap-p t))
>(setq *default-editor-class*
>      'wrapping-fred-window)

Also, if you want to toggle wrapping for a window after it has been created,
the ed-toggle-wrap-p function is defined in "ccl:examples;assorted-fred-commands"
and installed in Fred's *comtab* as c-m-w.