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Compiled MCL across launches

  I am using MCL to implement a group hierarchy for my thesis. It is 
  meant to work much the same way as HyperCard: 
    When a message is sent to a target (a node in the group hierarchy),
    the path from the target to the root is searched for the first
    applicable message handler. 

  My message handlers will be regular MCL functions.

  For performance reasons my group hierarchy should store compiled MCL 
  functions to file when I quit MCL, and then restore them and start 
  using them again (without recompilation) the next time I launch MCL. 
  Otherwise, the system will take an hour to boot.

  For each message handler, I plan to dump the bytes returned by 
  symbol-function to file before quitting, and then restore the same 
  bytes from file to use the function again. The functions will always 
  be used in a package of the same name.

  Can my suggested approach be made to work, or is it doomed? In other 
  words, do MCL compiled functions contain pointers/constants etc. 
  which may become invalid in another launch of MCL?

  The file compiler is not a solution for me because there are no files 
  to compile, because there will be a large number of different but 
  identically named functions etc. 

Any help will be very much appreciated.

Oddmund Mogedal
Norwegian Institute of Technology