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tree matching


I am working on trees (representing the output of the analysis process of
an automatic translation system) in order not to reinvent the wheel I am
looking for a subtree recognizer. The program I need will have two
parameters, an original tree and the pattern I am looking for. 

A complex labelling is attached to each node of the tree and the sons of
each nodes are ordered.

The pattern will look like that :

  ((A) (B (C)+) (D {FS(D)="CIRC"})) or ((A) (B ((C)+ (D)))

This mean that 
        A B are trees with the same father,
        C+ stand for the sons of B
        In one case D verifies a particular condition, {FS(D)="CIRC"}, and
is the next brother of B
        In the orther case D is the last son of B.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Herve Blanchon  	       	       	       	
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