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Re: setting text color in individual cells of sequence-dialog-item

>I need a way to set the color of the text displayed for individual 
>cells in a sequence-dialog-item (so that text in different cells may 
>be in different colors).  Any suggestions?

Basic idea:  Use part-color a-list with cell-number as indicator to
remember colors.

;;;;Untested code follows:

(defclass color-sequence (sequence-dialog-item) ())

(defmethod draw-cell-contents ((view color-sequence) cell)
  (with-fore-color (part-color view cell)
    (funcall (table-print-function view) (cell-contents view cell) view)))

;Note that you could also store and use a back-color for each cell by using
an ;indicator of (- (1+ cell)):

(defmethod draw-cell-contents :before ((view color-sequence) cell)
  (with-fore-color (part-color view (- (1+ cell)))
    (rlet ((rect :rect :topleft (cell-position view cell)
                       :bottomright (add-points (cell-position view cell)
                                                (cell-size view))))
      (#_PaintRect rect))))
"TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@ils.nwu.edu