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Re: What is the time anyways?

At 11:37 12/1/92 -0500, Bob Hall wrote:
>Doesn't (GET-DECODED-TIME) do what you want?  (In fact, a superset of
>what you want?)

You are correct.

Russell's code did, however, uncover a bug in MCL's compilation of register

A compiled register trap of the form (register-trap :Dn x :An y ...)
neglected to unbox x before saving it in two halves on the vstack.
Only 5 traps are of this form, which is probably why noone has
noticed this bug before:

  #_TempNewHandle, #_SysEnvirons, #_Secs2Date, #_SintRemove, #_SetTimeOut

"register-trap-patch" will be part of patch 2 for MCL 2.0. I'll send
it to anyone who needs to use one of these 5 traps before patch 2 ships
(a while).