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Editting Unix files using MCL.

Bob Hall writes: 
> I have not experienced any problem like this.  I regularly
> read/write/create files in both UNIX (using Gnuemacs and Allegro CL v4.1)

The problem only pertains to files that are *editted*.  Lisp itself does not care
about the kind of white space it encounters...  The problem concerns the
appearance of the file in different editors.  Gnu Emacs uses the linefeed
character to mark the end of a line.  MCL uses a carriage return.  When I read
MCL files using Emacs, I see lots of ^M's where carriage returns ought to be.
When I read Emacs files using FRED, I see lots of boxes (the unprintable
character is the linefeed character) where the carriage returns ought to be.  

Tell me if the following 'bombs' in your environment.  *Create* a new file: 
using MCL.  Save it to your Unix file server.  Look at it using Emacs.  On my
machine it looks like:
This happens 'cause the natural newline character for emacs is the linefeed
character, not the carriage return character...

> I tentatively conclude that either a white knight (in the AI planning sense)
> is fixing things behind my back, or else the problem is not with MCL.

Hmmm...  I am still betting that it is an MCL/Macintosh "feature" :^)

BTW:  I am using MCL 2.0 Final with CLIM 1.1.