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Re: Editting Unix files using MCL.

In article <9212012059.AA09453@rpal.rockwell.com> Mark Peot,
peot@rpal.rockwell.com writes:
>When I read a Unix file from MCL, MCL is smart and converts all of the
>carriage returns to newline characters.  Unfortunately, when I write the
>back out to the Unix world, it uses the MCL newline character rather
than the
>Unix newline character.  
>The question:  What is the minimally painful way to change MCL or Fred
so that
>it both reads and writes files in UNIX format?

How are you reading and writing to unix?
If you're using CAP or EtherShare this is a "feature" that has nothing to
do with MCL.  Unfortunately, while doing the right substitutions while
transfering a unix file to the mac, these systems do not have the
_obvious_ feature of substituting back again if you try to write a file
of type TEXT.
I also thought I could test my code on different platforms by letting the
files reside on the unix machine...
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