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Re: scrolling-view & clip regions

I was having problems with scrolling windows just last night.
I'm guesing you're problem is that you must add the subview
NOT to the scrolling window itself, but to its
scroller subview.

Thus change your code:
 (make-instance 'TScrolling-Window
  :window-title "Garbage"
  :view-subviews (list (make-instance 'TSquare-View
                   :view-size #@(400 200))))

(setq ts1 (make-instance 'TScrolling-Window
              :window-title "Garbage"))

(add-subviews (ccl::my-scroller ts1)
         (make-instance 'TSquare-View
                   :view-size #@(400 200))) 

Scrolling windows are tricky. I'd like to see half a
chapter written about them with lots of examples.
I know there's example code files but I'd still like to see more,
perhaps a generic scrolling view not associated with a
fred-dialog-item or a window.

What is field-size and how is it related to view-size?
Is it something every view has?