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Re: Pictures

Mark Nahabedian <naha@RIVERSIDE.SCRC.Symbolics.COM> writes 
on Wed Dec  2 15:45:11 1992:
  I've created a picture using MCL's documented interface for that
  (open-picture and friends, I could be misremembering the name).  I would
  like to move this picture into a word processing document but I can't
  find any documentation for how to use the clipboard.
   What I would really like to do is print the picture but not that I'm
   running System 7 and MCL 2.0, there isn't enough memory left over to
   load the printer driver so I need to quit lissp and print the picture
   from somewhere else.
If you want to print the picture, look at the print-u.lisp.hqx file
available through anonymous ftp from cambridge.apple.com and stored
in the pub/MCL2/contrib directory. Here is the documentation on the

  picture-hardcopy                        ; function
  picture-hardcopy picture &optional show-dialog?
    Directs the quickdraw picture to the printer
    picture       a picture
    show-dialog?  ignored

   If no printer errors occurred and the user did not cancel
      returns nil
      returns the non-zero print error code which caused the termination

The routine supports printing enlargement/reduction/format changes
via the page-setup function. The routine works with MCL2.0.

You don't say how much memory you're using. I'm running MCL2.0 in 6mb
on an 8mb machine and have no problem creating pictures and printing