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Re: Search Systems (for defsystem users)

>Now here's the problem: ccl::do-dialog-file-search is not excately
>what I need.  The search works but.. 
>(a) I don't like the side effects of ccl::do-dialog-file-search (beep if no
>match, verbose ";searching ...")  and
>(b) since it can deal only with one pathname it creates a list dialog
>box for every matching file in my system. I would prefer to have just
>one list dialog box for ALL matching files. Are there any other handy
>functions to search files for strings efficiently?  ..something like:

The file "ccl:examples;boyer-moore.lisp" contains a boyer-moore
string search algorithm and some code to patch MCL's "Search Files"
dialog to use it. Two of the functions in there will probably be
useful to you: bm-find-string-in-file & bm-find-string-in-files.
bm-do-dialog-file-search shows how to update the search window as
the files are being searched.