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Re: Loading Double-clicked files

| With older versions of MCL,from the finder, if you double-clicked
| on an MCL file, LISP was started and the file was loaded.
| With MCL 2.0, LISP is started, but the file is presented in a FRED
| window instead of being loaded.  Is there a way of restoring the
| old behavior?

One very simple way to solve your problem is to use the source code of
MCL! The function that starts up MCL is named CCL::STARTUP-CCL. If you
edit its definition you will find it is a trivial thing to change
it to obtain the behaviour you want.

*** A note of advise:

One danger in modifying MCL source code is that you are modifying
is the source code for MCL 2.0 as was distributed on the CD-ROM, i.e.
without any patch. If the function you are recompiling was patched by
patch 1 for example, you lose what the patch did on that function. One
thing you can do to get an idea if a function was patched, is use
DISASSEMBLY to check if its disassembly in MCL2.0p1 is the same as its disassembly after you recompile it from the source.

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