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new release of qt-objects QuickTime interface

QT-OBJECTS provides a simple CLOS-based interface between MCL 2.0 and
QuickTime.  This new release supports movie controllers,
cut/copy/paste of movie objects, many more functions, and many small
fixes and improvements.  It's also better organized and commented.  

qt-objects.lisp can be obtained via anonymous FTP from
cambridge.apple.com as:


This new release may not be compatible with earlier versions,
including the one on the MCL 2.0 CD-ROM.  You need to have the
QuickTime extension installed (version 1.5 is recommended), and at
least one movie to play.

QT-OBJECTS is the work of many people at the Media Lab and Institute
for the Learning Sciences:

Marc Davis (mdavis@media.mit.edu)
Mike Travers (mt@media.mit.edu)
Brian Williams (bwill@athena.mit.edu)
Kemi Jona (jona@ils.nwu.edu)
Mike Korcuska (korcuska@ils.nwu.edu)