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Re: Commercial browser/editors for MCL?

	Object Master transforms source code files for a "project" into
a "psuedo-image" database (somewhat similar to a Smalltalk image
file). This allows the programmer to view and directly edit the classes
and their associated methods and variables. Inheritance relationships
between the classes are understood. It's browser/editor is very similar
to a Smalltalk one. OM also understands C++ syntax so creation of new
classes/variables/methods is assisted through dialog boxes.
	A similar product for MCL/CLOS could work through the wonderful
CLOS metobject protocol to provide all these features as well as
many others. A commercial (read "industrial-strength", "supported")
offering would seem (to me) to fill a gaping hole in the CLOS 
development area.
Michael Maciag		mmm@casimir.lanu.ca.us		uunet!casimir!mmm