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oodles-of-utils 1.3

I just put oodles-of-utils version 1.3 at the cambridge archives.


This version consists of a few bugs fixes, no new features. Changes
to the docs probably aren't worth printing out a new copy.

The biggest fixes are:
 - oou should work with meta-. to let you find the source to oou fns.
 - name conflicts with the MCL resource fns have been resolved. You
   may have encountered these if you tried to use the balloon help
   stuff with oou loaded.
You should definitely read the version history in the docs folder,
resolving the 2 name conflicts required un-exporting 2 oou fns. So
if you were using those 2 fns you will need to fix your code.

It will be the last version created with the support of ILS as I'm
leaving for a different job (still Mac programming)

I will continue to support oou myself. The docs have been updated
to contain my home address and phone, engber@ils.nwu.edu should
remain a valid way to reach me electronically.