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Re: imagewriter crashes

>REGARDING                imagewriter crashes
>I have an application which prints just fine on my Laserwriter
>here, but crashes when printing on an Imagewriter on site.
>Apparently the documents will print, but then doing anything
>else after that crashes.  One error message that was reported to
>me said "Value #<A Mac non-one pointer #x10009> is not of the
>expected type ????????? HANDLER>".  In a day or two I hope to
>get an imagewriter in here to try to track down the problem, but
>in the meantime, I was wondering if anybody else had ever run
>into the problem of having something print fine on a laserwriter
>but crash on an imagewriter.  I'm running MCL 2.0 final, but
>without any of the patches.

Are you using Mark Tapia's print-u.lisp code?  I've been using it
and have found it to work on a laserwriter under System 7,
but when I tested it under System 6 on an imagewriter,
I got the same crash as you.