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Apple Events

We're having some difficulty implementing Apple Event support in MCL 2.0p1.  

1. Of the four events only Quit Application appears to work correctly.

2.	Open Application appears to work insofar as double-clicking on the 
application or one of the application's documents will open the application.  
However, the document is not opened.

3.	Open Document only works if the application is already open.

4.	We haven't looked at Print Document yet but suspect that it will act as 
in 3 above.

The Open Application method does not appear to be called upon startup.  (We 
inserted with-file statements as part of the debugging and this events file 
never gets written.)

The two questions I have are:

1.	Do you know of any reasons and solutions for this behavior?


2.	Are there any _documented_ methods for tracing whether/what Apple Events 
are called?  I've been unable to find any MacBugs documentation for the 
Apple Events hooks from the developers' CD-ROM.


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