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Re: Apple Events

Oops...Upon rereading the AETracker output, I see that there is nothing
bogus about the special startup handler which is installed:  it is looking
for event class 'aevt' (just like Chris said it is...my error), id '****'. 
Most reasonable.

   But...you won't see the initial 'aevt' 'oapp' or 'aevt' 'odoc' event
come in through the universal handler which is installed after the 'oapp'
or 'odoc' is processed.
AETracker record
Brought to you by C.K. Haun <TR> and RavenWare Software
Tracking initiated in application:Finder 

MCL 2.0p1 at TickCount: $0000298D
Class:  aevt ID: **** RefCon  $010DE76C System Type
        ^^^^ exactly what it should say...not "bogus" at all

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