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Re: Additional Joy...

I would also like to extend congratulations to the MCL developers (and the
other depts there i.e. docs, sales, mktg etc.).

I can only hope that the reviewers of the awards have a sense of the care
and level of support given to the customer via this internet link. I often
hold up as example to my organization the excellent "go out of their way"
service available from the mcl developers. This fact coupled with their 
high quality product make it the clear winner in my eyes!

If you were looking for an excellent example of so-called TQM and
concurrent engineering, look no more...

Seasons best to everyone, MM

 Mike Meehan
 Simulation Optimization Technology Group
 EEsof Inc., R&D Department
 5601 Lindero Canyon Road
 Westlake Village CA. 91362
 FAX/VOICE: 818.879.6374