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access to fred history, etc.

Hi Folks,

I'd like to incorporate a predictive interface with the Fred editor but
I need to be able to scan back through its history list.  Could someone
tell me how to access events other than fred-last-command.  Also, how
to decode all those numbers after the text and position args, if they
mean anything.

I would also like to co-opt the text-region outline (currently used to
mark a selection in an inactive window) and modify its graphical style,
but I find no documentation or routines relating to it.

Finally, I'll be writing a text pattern matcher that looks for tokens
like chars, words, paragraphs; types like numbers, alpha, etc; properties
like capitalization, font, etc.  I expect there must be parsers or pattern
matchers like this already out there, but I haven't found one.

Thanks in advance,
Dave Maulsby