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Re: Re2: speed freak buys farm?

In article <725367136.8306423@AppleLink.Apple.COM> UK0392@AppleLink.Apple.COM (EHN & DIJ Oakley,GB,IDV) writes:
>>Have you considered using multiple Radius Rocket 33s instead of a farm of
>>Quadra 950s?
>Funnily enough, I expect to test my first Rocket early in the New Year.
>However, the recent discussion on compatibility problems has rather worried me,
>and future upgrading potential is also of concern.  But it is certainly
>something that I shall be looking at very soon.

DayStar has a 33mhz 68040 PowerCache coming out in the next few weeks (a
40mhz version is due out sometime in '93), that's guaranteed to be as
compatible as the Quadra itself (their 68030 accelerators are guaranteed
100% compatible), and it can be swapped between many different Mac models
with different adapters.  You can upgrade to a faster model for just the
difference in price at the time of the upgrade. (Compare that to Apple's
IIci->Quadra 700 upgrade, which is only $300 less than a brand new Quadra
700). There's an optional 128K cache that should boost CPU-intensive
tasks above Quadra 950 levels.  A IIci with one of these should cost about
as much as a Quadra 700 (far less than a 950) and the upgrade to a 40mhz
68030 will be relatively inexpensive. 

You might also wait for the new Mac models to be announced in January. 
Rumor has it that one of the new models will be a less-expandable version
of the Quadra 950, to be called the Quadra 800.

Steve Kanefsky