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speed freak buys farm?

   Path: cambridge.apple.com!apple!netcomsv!netcom.com!hauser
   From: hauser@netcom.com (Michael Hauser)
   Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp.mcl
   Summary: how about multiple Radius Rocket 33s?
   Date: 26 Dec 92 04:38:46 GMT
   References: <725148821.5417973@AppleLink.Apple.COM>
   Organization: Netcom - Online Communication Services  (408 241-9760 guest)
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   Have you considered using multiple Radius Rocket 33s instead of a farm of
   Quadra 950s? The horsepower is the same but the Rockets would have the
   advantage of much lower cost and faster data transfer between processors
   (using RocketShare). You should be able to use several Rockets per host
   Mac, depending on the number of slots and power supply.

   Michael Hauser

Good luck with this one.  I have a Rocket and am very dissapointed to find that
MCL is about the only application that I cannot run on it using the new
RocketShare environment to which you reference.