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Stand alone Lisp, try#2

Sorry about the blank notes, I'm having a few problems with my
news server.

I am interested in 1) writing some prototype/experimental
stand-alone programs, such as init's, cdev's etc...
and 2) prototyping new modules within
my existing large C++ programs .
Since these are prototypes, I'm more concerned about
minimizing my development time than I am with
time or memory efficiency. Thus I would like to use
a dynamic language such as Lisp, with it's automatic
garbage collection and incremental compilation

I've tried contacting (by phone message) the developers
of MacScheme, but have received no replies.

The current Macintosh Lisp implementations I know
about all require an application environment in which
to run. While this won't work for wish #1 above,
it might work for wish #2 IF I can do an application
context switch between my program and the Lisp
environment, combined with some foriegn function

Any replies to #1 or #2 above posted to this group
would be appreciated.

John Matthews