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More Apple Events

Thanks to All Who Replied Before!

I have confirmed that the appropriate Apple Events are being generated, 
received and processed by and for MCL.  However, the correct event handlers 
are not being used (except for quit for some reason).

I have defined a subclass of application and set an instance of it in 
*application* and written my event handlers on this subclass.  The MCL 
Reference suggests the part about using a subclass (but does not confirm 
that simply setting the *application* variable will always use it).  Yet, 
the quit handler does receive the specialized instance.

I have also tried using the install-appleevent-handler function to no avail.

I am having the same problem though.  Upon startup, neither oapp nor odoc 
events are processed by the correct handlers (we're still holding off on the 
print event since it should be just like the odoc event).  Quit, however, 
still works fine.

After startup, the odoc handler will open documents belonging to the 
application when they are double-clicked, but (as I said above) this event 
gets "mislaid" when initially starting the application.

Can someone who has successfully implemented support for these AppleEvents 
please send me a brief (or detailed) procedure for writing and installing 
these methods?  Perhaps, somewhere, I'm missing something fairly basic.

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