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Re: More Apple Events

   I think it was to you I replied before.  As I said then (if it was to
you), MCL appears to initially install one set of Apple event handlers for
the required events.  Then it receives an 'oapp', or an 'odoc', or a
'pdoc', and finishes setting itself up.
   The latter process involves removing the initial handlers and installing
the handlers which are indeed fielded by the generic functions described in
the documentation.  [That's why a subsequent open document, or a quit, 
fires your method.]

   I watched (I must admit with amazement) with AE Tracker (developer CD,
but Shareware by Chris Huan, so I should be able to mail it to you if
necessary) the handlers being installed and replaced, and the events being

   This method of starting up seems wrong to me...at the very least the AE
chapter in the MCL documents should have at least a tiny discussion of it. 
An initial 'oapp' is one thing, but 'odoc' or 'pdoc' should somehow find
their way to methods which are eagerly awaiting them.

   I don't know enough about MCL to have any idea how you would intercept
the initial 'oapp', 'odoc', or 'pdoc'.  [Only one of those can the the
"initial" one.]

John W. Baxter   jwbaxter@halcyon.com   [BAXTER.JOHN on AppleLink, from
AppleLink only.]