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Re3: speed freak buys farm?

But a few days ago (last year, I think), I said:
>   Funnily enough, I expect to test my first Rocket early in the New Year.
To which came the reply:
>Good luck with this one.  I have a Rocket and am very dissapointed to find
>that MCL is about the only application that I cannot run on it using the new
>RocketShare environment to which you reference.
and Alice Hartley <alice@cambridge.apple.com> said:
>Or from a different perspective, the Radius accelerators are the only
>ones that MCL has problems with. The 25i causes more problems than
>the 33i.
Well, today the Rocket 33 arrived, was duly installed, and tested under MCL
(amongst other things).  My preliminary impression is that *without* using
RocketShare, there are no compatibility problems between MCL 2.0p2 (pre-release
patch 2) and the currently shipping Rocket 33.  However, I was meticulous to:
1.  Remove ptable from the System Folder (which is not needed for 040s
2.  Remove other INITs and CDEVs of dubious parentage
3.  Use 80ns & 70 ns RAM, totalling 20 Mbyte.
And the end result?  Arguably as fast as a Quadra 700, but with the added
potential of (maybe one day) running RocketShare too, and a rather cheaper and
more versatile upgrade than the IIci->Q700 one.  I still have reservations
about the future, though, and it will be interesting to see if RocketShare gets
fixed with respect to MCL.  Fortunately in this case, it was not my money that
I was committing.