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Balloon help descenders missing

In this sequence:
1. Launch MCL 2.0p1
2. Bring up one of the various dialogs (first seen with the dialog posed by
the Environment... item in the Tools menu)
3. Turn on balloon help.

In help balloons related to the content area of the active MCL window,
descenders are cut off the characters.  Other balloons seem OK.  Line
spacing seems normal, just no descenders.  This condition remains no matter
how often help balloons are turned off and on, once it happens (alternate
possibility:  sufficient usage of Mac heap with balloons off MIGHT cause
something to be purged which would cause the condition to reset).

If a Fred window or the Listener window is foremost when balloon help is
first turned on, help balloons for window content (including the content of
dialog windows) are normal

Mac IIci, 20 meg real memory, 32-bit addressing, System 7.1, QuickTime 1.5.
 Other configuration on request.

Priority:  very low, obviously.  But...when you find it, please let us know
what it is...I'd be very hard pressed to achieve this condition on

John W. Baxter   jwbaxter@halcyon.com   [BAXTER.JOHN on AppleLink, from
AppleLink only.]