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Re: Rocket 33 and MCL

I have a Rocket 33 too and here are my experiences with it and MCL.

With the Rocket 33 installed in a Mac II, MCL won't run at all.
Everything else works, but not MCL.

With the Rocket 33 installed in a Mac IIci, MCL run okay.  However, we
have had significant problems using the serial ports and TCP streams
in MCL under this configuration.  When reading from such streams MCL
mysteriously hangs and the machine requires rebooting.  We have no
such problems with the same code running without the Rocket.

Also, a known problem (specified in the Rocket documentation) is that
sound doesn't work correctly from any application running on the

The Rocket is a fine product and sure makes my Mac II faster.
However, be aware before trying to upgrade your MCL applications.