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CLIM query

I have been very pleasantly impressed with MCL 2.0; it makes my Mac
behave like a real computer!  CLIM offers the promise of being able to
develop applications that will run on our Suns, Lispms, and Macs
(unbelievable! -- maybe).

However, I wish to develop a graphical user interface that can
directly display the logical combination of multiple sensor
footprints.  For this purpose, ALUs (or logical drawing functions)
would have been perfect for my application, but they seem not to exist
in CLIM.  Is this really true, or have I not yet figured out the right
string to apropos in order to find them?  It seems that the only
concession to anything like an ALU is +flipping-ink+, which gives me
XOR, but not AND (which I would like a lot).  Is there any support for
such things?  If not, has anyone put together a (portable) extension
that supports ALUs?

Along the same lines, the ability to bitblt directly to a window's bit
array would be nice.  I found the file bitblt.lisp in the "contrib"
subdirectory of clim (down a ways on info-mcl), which appears to
provide bitblt'ing for X windows and Genera, but nothing for
Quickdraw.  Has anyone gone to the trouble to create the same
functionality for the Mac?

Thanks for any pointers on these issues,