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scrollbars & growbox in sequence-dialog-items

I have two embarrassingly simple questions:

1. How does one control the behavior of a scrollbar in a
sequence-dialog-item?  Specifically, when my text runs out of the
visible part of a sequence-dialog-item, when I click on the horiz
scrollbar, it shows blank simply.  I assume the text is there but the
step size or something is out of whack.

2. How does one install a grow box in a sequence-dialog-item?  The
documentation for :GROW-ICON-P in table-dialog-item is kind of
vague.  I tried setting this to T, but nothing happened.  It seems
a little tricky because I want it to coincide with the listbox's
container view's growth (would I really have to shadow the method
for growing the container view?)

Any help would be appreciated!