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Re: Balloon help descenders missing

In article <199301050753.AA23632@halcyon.com> ,
jwbaxter@halcyon.halcyon.com writes:
>In help balloons related to the content area of the active MCL window,
>descenders are cut off the characters.  Other balloons seem OK.  Line
>spacing seems normal, just no descenders.

 I have had this problem when calling the Help Manager from Prograph
(data-flow language). Prograph's built in balloon help does not have
this problem but when I call the Help Manager directly the descenders
are cut off. I still haven't worked a way around it yet...

Malcolm Pradhan
Section on Medical Informatics
MSOB X-215, Stanford University, CA, 94305
pradhan@camis.stanford.edu  (415) 725-3398