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RE: Reducing Size of MCL applications

>>We'll probably be looking into a few ways to reduce the size of MCL (though
>>probably not for 2.1). Some ideas are:
>>3) One or more shared libraries for the different pieces of MCL.
>>   This will allow small MCL applications at the expense of some
>>   large inits.

This discussion seems to be implying that size of MCL applications is the only
issue preventing the rapid delivery of commercial applications in MCL.  

Let me emphasize that I believe the ability to integrate existing foreign C++
libraries and application frameworks such as Bedrock with MCL code is equally
important.  The Lisp community should not have to reinvent everything and MCL
should not prevent MCL developers from benefiting from existing foreign code. 
Supporting hybrid application development would make MCL applications smaller
and allow MCL developers to work with other programming team members or other
programming teams who have chosen C++ without having to convince them to switch
to Lisp.

-Jonathan Pierce