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Re: MCL size/distribution (was: MCL support for MOP)

A tree shaker would definitely be a BIG plus in my mind.

The other ideas sound good, but one little mistake would lead to version
control nightmares; which is not to say don't do them, but take the time to
do them right. :-)
One suggestion I would have is that at any given time, any app should be
able to quickly list what modules have been loaded.  I have already
uploaded one module to the archive, only to find that it used an internal
module that wasn't ready for release.  [Ok, so I'm just an idiot.]  With
shared libraries tucked away in the System folder somewhere, this could
only get worse.

Also, I'm not sure what problem the latter two are intended to solve.  Most
developers have hardware that can handle the size needed by MCL; it's the
end-user that requires a reasonably sized app.
-- "TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@ils.nwu.edu