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Re2: MCL support for MOP

    From: brent@ssd.csd.harris.com (Brent Benson)
    Date: 11 Jan 93 15:32:00 GMT

    I'm not convinced that it is hard to tree shake code that does not
    contain calls to eval.  I would appreciate it if someone could tell me
    about other difficulties.

;There's the general problem of calls to the various forms of READ
; (lots of data files in the world are LOADed (involving calls to READ))
;and higher-order operators like funcall
;and the behavior of fboundp

  (funcall (read) (read))


  (loop ;the proverbial British Museum Monkeys program
    (let ((rand (intern (generate-random-string))))
      (when (symbol-function rand)
        (when (catch-and-ignore-all-errors
                (funcall rand))
          (format t "Found a nonNIL zero-arg function: ~s" rand)))))

;How about this macro?

(defmacro mycall (x y) `(,x ,y))

;Or even

(fboundp 'nreconc) ;which presumably returns a different value if nreconc
                   ;is "shaken" out of the image.
(fboundp (read))

-- Bob