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                       Subject:                               Time:10:57 AM
  OFFICE MEMO          None                                   Date:1/11/93
>>I have an MCL application that I want to port to an SGI machine with a
>>Franz CLOS/CLIM environment.  Does anyone know if there are portable
>>versions (e.g. CLIM) of MCL's GUI interface functions (e.g. those for
>>window, views, dialogs) available?  This will save me the time of
>>having to rewrite the GUI code in CLIM.

>>Another possible solution is "Action!" from Expertelligence, another
>>cross-platform GUI toolkit. You'll find a demo version on your 
>>MCL 2.0 cd-rom.

We currently use "Action!" from Expertelligence to do the user interface for
our application.  While Expertelligence advertises that you can use "Action!"
to port interfaces between platforms, this capability (last time I checked) is
not yet finished.  I would advise that you talk to the Expertelligence people
to find out the status of "Action!" for the various platforms you are
interested in before you get your hopes up too much.

Jeff Monroe