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Re: upgrading a IIci

>I am interested in "reclaiming" a IIci to run MCL on (it is
>currently 3-6 times slower than my IIfx, depending on which
>form you evaluate), but don't know much about the upgrades available
>and also don't know if MCL loses on any of them.
>Does anyone have any experience (positive or negative) with the various
>upgrade options?
>- does Radius Rocket/33 for the IIci work with MCL?  Anyone done it?
>  Do you get Quadra-700 level performance?
>- What about the Apple upgrade paths I've vaguely heard about?
>- Anyone found that MCL loses on any of the upgrades?

I know nothing about the upgrades, but I sure don't notice a 3-6 times
speed difference between my fx at the office and my ci at home.
My guess is that you're using the internal video on the ci, which
slows it down a lot if it happens to be sharing a simm bank with
running code. A cheaper upgrade alternative may be to by a video
board. This should get you closer to the 25/40 speed difference
that you'd expect due to the different clock speeds. If you can
borrow one (from your fx, maybe), give it a try. Adding a cache
card will also help (Andrew told me).