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One of *those* bugs...

Okay, so I have this program that works great on my Quadra, and I can save
application on said Quadra, and that works great, but said app hangs during
or after my startup function on a ci, and an fx.  (Mouse changes to arrow
cursor long before it should and a few seconds later the mouse (and all
else) freezes.)

So, I try running the source on the ci, and that's great, but the resulting
save-application also hangs as before.

So, I decide to try and figure out exactly where/when the hang is occuring.
 I alter the initialization function to (setq *debug* (make-instance
and then format some stuff to *debug*:

The splash/intro screen [a pict-view from oodles-of-utils] goes fine.
The gworld is created.
Each of 12 slides is created.
A window to edit the database is created.
A second window to edit another field in the database is created.

And, yes, the mere creation and formating of strings to the fred-window
has, in fact, 'corrected' the bug.  [Or, it could be that extra (defvar
*debug*)]  Sigh.

Current hack:  create the fred-window at #@(-410 40) so it is unseen, but

Any ideas?
-- "TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@ils.nwu.edu