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Re: One of *those* bugs...

In article <9301141827.AA04822@aristotle.ils.nwu.edu> lynch@ils.nwu.edu writes:
[Stuff deleted]
>And, yes, the mere creation and formating of strings to the fred-window
>has, in fact, 'corrected' the bug.  [Or, it could be that extra (defvar
>*debug*)]  Sigh.

This is an instance of what I call a quantum bug.  If you try to examine
it too closely it disappears.  I am currently working on a comprehensive
study of quantum bugs for publication in the Journal of Irreproducible
Results.  (It's a companion paper to my ongoing work on macroscopic
tunnelling effects in racquet sports.)  I believe this work will lead
to a great breakthrough in Physics, the unification of two fundamental
theories: quantum mechanics and Murphy's law.  Thank you for an additional
data point.

Erann "I hate weirdness" Gat