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Re: One of *those* bugs...

The only time I've had bugs which break between machines 
usually  is in the opposite direction... they would run fine on a 
68030 machine but not on a 68040, but the problem would 
disappear by including a few format statements. 

I think all of these turned out to be related to the 
cache on the 68040, and that an appropriate insertion
of a (#_FlushDataCache) statement would fix the 

This made sense in our environment because we have
NuBus hardware which modifies parameter blocks passed
to it... and that the 68040 did not know that the value had
been updated.

The only other thing I can think of is that there is
something in your code which assumes a 32 (or 24)
bit address, and that your 68040 machines are set 
differently than your 68030 ones. Since your program
uses gworlds (which use 32 bit addresses), there might
be some hidden assumptions in your software if you are
accessing the contents of the gworlds directly.

Beats me!