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arglist display

Dear Folks:
    A minor annoyance in MCL 2.0 is the changed behavior of the 
Listener mini-buffer's display of function argument lists.  As in 1.3.2, 
when *arglist-on-space* is T, a function's argument list is displayed on 
typing the first space after the function name.
    Unlike 1.3.2, the NEXT keystroke in 2.0 causes the mini-buffer 
display to disappear.  Since (for my purposes anyway) one of the main 
uses of the displayed argument list is to remind me what to type, the 
current behavior is frustrating.  Am I missing something obvious?  Is 
there any way to revert to 1.3.2's behavior here?  Thanks.
                                   Ray Lee
                                   U.S. Naval Academy Oceanography