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arglist display

>From: g03092@n1.usna.navy.mil (Raymond Lee)
>To: info-mcl@cambridge.apple.com
>Date: 15 Jan 93 13:03
>Subject: arglist display
>Dear Folks:
>    A minor annoyance in MCL 2.0 is the changed behavior of the 
>Listener mini-buffer's display of function argument lists.  As in 1.3.2, 
>when *arglist-on-space* is T, a function's argument list is displayed on 
>typing the first space after the function name.
>    Unlike 1.3.2, the NEXT keystroke in 2.0 causes the mini-buffer 
>display to disappear.  Since (for my purposes anyway) one of the main 
>uses of the displayed argument list is to remind me what to type, the 
>current behavior is frustrating.  Am I missing something obvious?  Is 
>there any way to revert to 1.3.2's behavior here?  Thanks.
>                                   Ray Lee
>                                   U.S. Naval Academy Oceanography

Yup, try this:

(setf ccl:*clear-mini-buffer* nil)

I agree, I like the 1.3.2 behavior better. 
Maybe it should default to nil?