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MacApp -> MCL

Hi all,

I've only been on info-mcl for a few days, but I have already recognized
several familiar names from MACAPP.TECH$ on AppleLink.  Could some of the
people from MacApp past or present share some of their thoughts on MCL and
CLOS from the MacApp perspective?

I am particularly interested in how MCL's built in framework compares with
MacApp, and if there are other CLOS based frameworks I should look into. 
If so, how do they compare?

Also, what is the best CLOS browser for a Mouser diehard like myself?

What general gotchas should I look out for?  I'm getting up to speed on
Common Lisp and CLOS, but haven't explored the MCL environment too much

Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom!

Mike Lockwood
MacApp Refugee
Finder Compiler (it takes longer than MacApp!)
Future OODL Fanatic