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Packaging MCL

It would be nice to have small executables for MCL applications.  Ben
Hyde recently proposed a "Mothership Application" which would load
fasl files and intermediate between them.

I think this is a good idea and here's how to package it: Call it the
"MCL Operating System".  Distribute it in an "MCL Operating System
Folder".  Nobody cares how big an operating system is!  When you are
delivering an MCL program to a customer, you specify that it requires
the "MCL Operating System" and they won't bat an eye.  The tone of the
interaction changes from "... but the application will be 1.5MB" to
"... you are up to date with the MCL Operating System, aren't you?"

MCL provides so many services that it isn't unreasonable to call it an
operating system - especially when things like multiple processes are
going to be provided.  What is more, fasl files seem to be smaller
than C programs of roughly the same functionality.

Peter Hendrickson