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MCL Question

Hi there someone...
I am very new to Lisp.  Moderately experienced in C and Pascal.  I want to use
an XFCN in MCL that provides an interface to a database I am using.  The XFCN
takes 3 arguments.  The first arg is the string representation of a number
which the XFCN interprets as a Handle to a private structure.  The second
argument is a command string the database will execute.  The 3rd argument is an
optional command modifier string.  The XFCN returns a string (almost always
longer than 255 chars.  The XFCN also sets the value of a couple of globals
where it puts status and error messages.
Looking in Library:interfaces:HyperXCmd.lisp it appears that you have an
interface that supports XFCNs.  There also appears to be code that supports the
callbacks my particular XFCN would need (GetGlobal and SetGlobal).  The code is
beyond my understanding, but is my impression correct ?
Do you have any examples of how I would actually make this work from within
MCL.  I would like the final result to look something like this:
    (setf results (hybase(HandleStringArg CmdStringArg OptionStringArg)))
where hybase is the Lisp wrapper which eventually invokes my XFCN and results
ends up containing a big string that comes back from the database.
       Any Help or direction you can give would be greatly appreciated
          Dan Farrand
          ph (408) 974-6639