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One of *THESE* bugs...

Rich Lynch writes:

| Okay, so I have this program that works great on my Quadra, and I can save
| application on said Quadra, and that works great, but said app hangs during
| or after my startup function on a ci, and an fx.  (Mouse changes to arrow
| cursor long before it should and a few seconds later the mouse (and all
| else) freezes.)

The bug is spreading!

Yesterday, I finished my latest app on my quadra 700, did some tests and
everything worked fine. I then decided to try it on our other machines and
discovered that it crashes on every machine (mac II mac II cx mac II ci)
except my quadra!

Unfortunatly for me, the 'elegant' solution of creating an unseen fred window
doesn't solve the problem.

Any more idea someone?

PS:  Most of the crashes involved system error 12 which is:
     Unimplemented core routine error.

PPS: This bug is not related to 32 bits addressing as it crashes my II ci
     that uses 32 bits addressing.

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